niftie's Platform

Niftie Commuter Platform for Passengers


On the dashboard screen of the passenger application you can see the stops and direction in which the service will run, signified by the numbers 1 through 6 on the map.  An available seat counter will let you know how many seats are available to purchase.  You can also select between the morning and the evening services.


You can easily, select a service, a pick up stop, make it a favourite and then select the number of passengers travelling ahead of confirming a guaranteed seat for the trip.  All trips are listed, and visible inside the customer, to keep track of your travel.  Trips can be cancelled ahead of time, and the tickets are returned to your account.


All services are live tracked and visible in App during the pick up times for passengers.  Push notifications alert the customer to the arrival of a service.  A countdown timer is also provided to the user in real-time.

Niftie Commuter In Coach Platform

Arriving to the coach

An in-vehicle tablet, enables a live passenger manifest to easily and quickly check yourself in on the coach without requiring any need for a QR scan, or ticket presentation to the driver.  Tickets can be purchased up until the last few seconds before boarding the coach.

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